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Charity Signpost’s campaign to raise £40k to mark 40th anniversary

A charity supporting young people in crisis is marking 40 years in operation with an appeal to raise £40,000 to survive current funding cuts and complete another four decades of changing people’s lives.

The youth counselling charity, Signpost, is launching a campaign to raise £40,000 so that it can survive current funding cuts and be available to young people for the next 40 years.

Since the charity was formed in 1973 it has supported more than 5,000 young people to overcome their difficulties. The support Signpost has given to past generations is exemplified by mother and daughter Patricia and Shauna Deegan.

Patricia, who approached Signpost in 1995 for help to cope with her brother’s suicide, said: “I was suicidal and depressed. But Signpost was a place where I could go and feel safe.

“It’s made me the person I am today and gave me confidence. It became the family I did not have around me.”

When in 2012 her daughter, Shauna, started experiencing difficulties, she did an internet search and came across Signpost again.

“I thought thank God Signpost it is still there.”

Although Shauna found it get back to normal, her counselling got her back on track: “I could let everything out. I feel stronger now. Things are better at school and I feel happier at home.”