Last Thursday, Signpost’s Hemel Social Group cleared leaves at the ‘Forget-me-not Garden’ in Gadebridge Park.
The Garden, opened in 2004 and run by Stillbirth and Ante-Natal Death Society (SANDS), is getting ready for the annual ‘Wave of Light’ event when parents across the world who have lost babies light a candle to remember their lost child.
Information on SANDS and the Wave of Light event, which will be held on 15th October, can be found hereĀ

The Forget-me-not Fairy poem

“So small, so blue, in grassy places,
my flowers raise their tiny faces.
By streams my bigger sisters grow,
and smile in gardens in a row.
I’ve never seen a garden plot,
but though I’m small,
forget me not.”

Cicely Mary Barker.