Available in Watford and Hemel Hempstead

The social groups meet every week to provide a supportive and accepting environment for young people to meet each other. Groups run in Hemel Hempstead and Watford in informal and discreet locations and run on a Thursday evening. The groups are run by a youth worker or a counsellor and involve activities, such as karaoke, crafts, film nights or cooking and occasional trips, such as bowling or sailing. Sometimes we run projects, such as making a video or doing a photography exhibition at Watford museum. All activities are provided free of charge. The social group can:

• Help you feel more connected with people who understand what you are going through
• Help you overcome anxieties and develop your confidence
• Give you a distraction from your problems
• Provide you with something to look forward to

To join the social group you need to have had an assessment. Then you can call the office or talk to your counsellor to discuss joining the group. We know it can be scary joining a new group, so we can arrange for you to meet one of the group members first, so that you know someone when you first come.

For more information, call Signpost’s office on 01923 239495 or contact us by email