It is well known that young people can find it hard to talk about their emotions and express themselves. Art gives them a medium in which to do just that without first having to make sense of thoughts before trying to communicate them verbally.  The partnership between the young person and the counsellor is able to establish itself in a non threatening way as some young people can find direct eye contact difficult and art provides a way in which that can initially be avoided allowing for freer communication.

Art, in what ever form, can help make situations and feelings clearer giving a base from which the young person can start to make the picture clearer and take steps, no matter how small, with the support of a qualified counsellor, to improve their emotional wellbeing.

The funding from John Lewis, Watford, to support our pilot of a new Art Journal Therapeutic workshop with young 11-13 year-olds in Watford, will enable the workshop with some of our younger people to take place and for that, thank you from all at Signpost.