Wednesday 28th March, 9.30am – 3.30pm ,  The Rudolph Steiner School, Kings Langley

It is probably fair to say that we all have concerns about how access to the internet and various social media platforms influence our young people.

Together with The Albany Centre, St Albans, we have engaged the support of a number of professionals who work in this field, locally and nationally, to provide an insight into ‘How our digital dependency is impacting lifestyle’.

Speakers include Marilyn Hawes, founder of Enough Abuse UK, teach parents and carers how to protect their children from sexual abuse, and how to stop it before it happens; Krystal Woodbridge of Woodbridge Therapy Ltd based in Hertfordshire, will talk about how pornography can impact relationships.

Mark Ashley, an Autism/Language Disorder specialist based in St Albans, explores that whilst face to face communication may be difficult for autistic young people, technology can offer ways in which this can be made easier … whilst also bringing challenges of its own.  The CEO of Sunnyside Rural Trust based in Dacorum, Keely Siddiqui Charlick, will talk about how the Trust finds innovative ways to engage disabled young people in mainstream life and therefore lessen the impact of the digital world where some may hide.

Cathy Warren from 38 Degrees, a community of millions of ordinary people who live all across the UK, tells the story of how a 17 year old campaigned to  shut down an online app used for bullying; Alice Reeves of BelongCon will look at how people’s offline and online presence can work together; and Pippa Moyle who will talk about her decision just over a year ago, to become an entrepreneur to establish City Girl Network that works to build safe, local networks for young women to meet, to enable them to inspire and empower each other.

Tickets for the event are £45, to book your place, please visit